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The French romantic overture

Exquisite style

The American experienceCCLife

The new visionLIFE

Everything happenedAcres&GraceThe story

Chinese style elegance

Drawing Chinese painting


Deduce from Jane HFstyle

Use your dream to define Do your own dream home

Home is the customer,Dream is the customer,SAN xia is to help the customer to define your dreams。Dream is character,The home is a style。Between the two,There is always a gap。

There is no denying the fact,Every experienced an outfit events are realized on the home part of the dream,Also left on the home part of the regret。It is like to"Perfect"The definition,

Always will be a process rather than the result。Domestic outfit too,There is no absolutely"Dreamer",Only a closer to the full"Dreamer",The closer to the way。

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