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Product news

  • KP-KX02AThe horizontal high speed out of the machine(+Hot melt adhesive type)

    。Cartons are stored using horizontal,May at any time add empty carton,Without downtime,Don't delay the production;
    。Applicable to a variety of sizes of carton box cover,If you want to change the carton specifications,Manual adjustment,The operation is simple and convenient;
    。This out of the machine automatically out of the box、Automatic flap cover、Automatic back cover,AdoptedPLC+The man-machine interface control,The operation is simple、Easy maintenance,Is the size of the automation of an assembly line production equipment;
    。Parts precision and durable performance,Structure design closely,Running process without vibration,Stable and reliable operation;

    199¥ 0.00
  • KP-KX-01LAutomatic out of the machine

    Automatically out of the box、Taking shape、The bottom folding flex.And now to complete the part of the tape to paste,Will automatically open the folded cardboard box board,At the bottom of the box according to certain procedures or us,Then tape sealing after delivery to special equipment for packing machine。Out of the machine are now doing a large carton box automatically、Automatic conversion under cover、Under the automatic sealing bottom tape production line equipment,The machine adoptsP.L.C +Display control,Convenient operation greatly、Management、Reduced

    390¥ 0.00
  • KP-KX-02Horizontal out of the machine

    As much as out of the ability40Box/Minutes,Since this machine research and development success,Has been widely used in food、Medicine、Drink、Tobacco、Cosmetic、A car、Cable、Such as the electronics industry。

    111¥ 0.00


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  • KP-FX-01Semi-automatic folding &sealing machine

    Automatic folding &sealing machine used for certain specifications carton around the upper lid or automatically,Quickly flat and with self-adhesive tape sealing the upper carton sealing。Side belts driven

    238¥ 0.00
  • KD-FX6050ZDrive around semi-automatic packing machine

    Can use different specifications of the carton。 Build automatically folding carton,Smooth,Sealing the same homework,Beautiful and effort,Can be used with automated packaging systems

    108¥ 0.00
  • KD-FX-01AAutomatic adaptive folding &sealing machine

    Fully automatic width and height of carton,Do not need artificial adjustment,Can use different specifications of the carton。 Build automatically folding carton,Smooth,Sealing the same homework,Beautiful and effort,Can be used with automated packaging systems。

    125¥ 0.00
Horizontal out of the machine
Automatic out of the machine



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He sent the technology to make the packaging more easily


    About the Kun school

  • He sent

    About the Kun school


    He sent the smart technology(Kunshan)Co., LTD is located in kunshan city of suzhou in jiangsu province;Is the collection research and development、Manufacturing、Marketing and service as one of professional equipment manufacturers;Is design and manufacture automatic sealing and cutting the contraction、Shrinking machine、Out of the machine、The sealing machine、After packing machine and automatic packaging and logistics transportation equipment of professional manufacturers;Enterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise;


        Company in Japan、Drink、Cultural goods、Hardware、Medicine、Daily paper、Agriculture and other industries,With clients“Believe in the quality、People-oriented、The pursuit of excellence”The aim of the,With first-class quality、Reasonable price and perfect service to win the user's trust and praise;